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Thread: He's dead Jim!

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    He's dead Jim!

    Or I will be once you've finished reading this list of jokes

    Kirk: What is that ensign's name, Bones? He reminds me of a horse.
    Bones: He's Ed, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, what's happened to Ensign Hunger?
    Bones: He's fed Jim.

    Kirk: What club is the patient vactioning with, Bones?
    McCoy: He's Med, Jim.

    Spock: Jim! McCoy is lying on the floor not breathing after being hit by a laser! What's wrong with him?
    Kirk: He's bones, Spock.

    Kirk: Where's Spock? Last I heard, he was getting really sick of these jokes!
    Bones: He's fled, Jim.

    Kirk: What's my cat doing on the couch?
    McCoy: He's shed, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones! Its Ensign Paper! Is he ...
    McCoy: Yes, he's shred, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, what about Ensign Toboggan?
    Bones: He's sled, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, what about Ensign Yeast?
    Bones: He's bread, Jim.

    Kirk: Who's that one at the end of the list?
    McCoy: He's Zed, Jim.

    Kirk: So what happened to Jimmy Page, Bones?
    McCoy: He's Led, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, is he from the FBI?
    McCoy: He's Fed, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, that man just ran by at warp speed!
    McCoy: He sped, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, who's that new crew member who calls himself Clampett?
    McCoy: He's Jed, Jim.

    KIrk: Bones, what about ensign Pb?
    Bones: He's Lead, Jim.

    Kirk: Where's ensign Flintstone?
    McCoy: He's Fred, Jim.

    Kirk: What happened to ensign Pillsbury?
    McCoy: He's Bread, Jim.

    Kirk: Oh my god, it's ensign Marx!
    McCoy: That's right, He's red Jim.

    Sorry, but I couldn't resist.
    No trees were harmed in the creation of this message. However, many electrons were displaced and terribly inconvenienced.

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    I have to admit that did make me laugh but.....
    /me pulls out a spoon and goes after Galant

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    OMG that has given me a headache

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    oh dear
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