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Thread: PAYPAL, Add a Bank Account...

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    PAYPAL, Add a Bank Account...

    I recently got an ATM / Debit card (Not credit card) which is connected to my checking type bank account. I also successfully created a Paypal account and connected it to this debit card.

    After I activated the paypal account, it asked me if I also wanted to add a bank account to paypal, my IBAN Number and the name of the bank.

    This message:

    Withdraw PayPal Funds Directly to Your Greek Bank Account.
    Add a Bank Account in Greece

    Now you can withdraw funds from your PayPal balance to your Greek bank account. Enjoy access to your PayPal funds without incurring high international bank transfer fees.

    Add your bank account
    Simply add a Greek bank account to your PayPal account, and you can begin withdrawing your PayPal funds. Just make sure your bank account is denominated in Euro (EUR).

    Avoid high bank transfer fees

    Making withdrawals from your PayPal account is free for amounts above €100.00 EUR. For withdrawals under €100.00 EUR, you pay just €1.00 EUR.

    Your PayPal funds will be converted to Euro before they are deposited to your bank account. The exchange rate for the transaction will be displayed prior to making your withdrawal.

    With easier access to your funds, you can manage your business more efficiently than ever. Withdraw funds to your Greek bank account today!
    I have not added my bank account to Paypal yet, as I was not sure of the risks / benefits of doing so.
    So, if I don’t and leave it as it is (Paypal connected to the debit card only) will I not be able to make withdrawals from PayPal to my bank account, buy or sell stuff on-line or through ebay?
    Also what are the benefits / risks of doing do?
    About this quote, “Avoid high bank transfer fees”. Will I have to pay higher bank transfer fees in my transactions if I don’t connect Paypal to my checking type bank account and leave it only with the debit card?

    I live in Greece E.U. and the local currency is Euro.

    Please excuse my ignorance as I have never used Paypal / Ebay before, so any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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