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Thread: Cheap Components Ahoy!

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    Cheap Components Ahoy!

    Okay, this will probably annoy (or something else) non-US readers, but over here they have this holiday called 'Thanksgiving' - to do with when the settlers/pilgrims came over here and set up a life, and God provided for them etc - so they have a day to be thankful for what they have etc.

    Interestingly enough, the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. Most shops have ridiculous sales and offers, and people get up at stupid hours to wait in line for their favourite shops to open. Now I kid you not, the deals can be ridiculous. 50-60% off, quite regularly. By combining deals and rebates etc, one guy apparently picked several drives and cards for effectively nothing!!

    Anyway, Thanksgiving this year is Thursday the 27th. And on the 28th it turns out a couple friends are going to go early to a shop called Best Buy ( ). Well I thought I'd join them. So, just a word to US readers, this might be a nice way to pick up some upgrades for less, or getter better upgrades for the same money.

    I'm looking particular at going for a better gfx card, HD, monitor, and maybe a sound card as oppose to the mobo onboard sound.

    Happy shopping!

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    I love best buy, such a cool shop to look around for an hour or 3..

    Bought an XBOX pad there, would've bought some CDRs for $4 after rebate but I was on holiday

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