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Thread: Problems with the colour on my computer

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    Problems with the colour on my computer


    I am hoping someone can help if possible.

    I am having a problem with the display on my pc. I have a Radeon x1900xt graphics cad and a 20" BenQ monitor on 1680x1050. This has always worked fien until this morning.

    I came to turn my PC on and the colours seem off its not amazingly noticeable but everything is wrong especially pictures of people.

    The coulours seem to be washed out if anything and shadows seem to be green rather than black. However you still get blacks in the background fine.

    Windows itself seems fine and the colours on my desktop or in the start menu etc all work fine. It only seems to be in things like internet explorer or firefox - only on the page not oon any of the menus or bars at the top. It happens in games as well.

    I have checked all settings and they all seem to be on default as they were yesterday.

    I have no idea at all and I was hoping someone here might have a clue as to what is going on.

    Thanks in advance and sorry it took so long to explain

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    Re: Problems with the colour on my computer

    On my CRT funny colours was due to a loose connection on the cable connecting the card to monitor.
    Check your cable is secure or if it is a bit loose try jigging it and you might see colours twitch back to normal.
    However, what you've described (where it happens in certain parts) is strange.
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    Re: Problems with the colour on my computer

    You could attempt a System Restore to yesterday's settings and see if that clears anything up.

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