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Thread: 9800np > 9800Pro > 9800XT bios Flashing

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    9800np > 9800Pro > 9800XT bios Flashing

    Right i know a few of you have these cards and after various card swapping recently have decided to stick with this one for the long term. I have x2 cards that i got to play with & both has been flashed with the Pro BIOS

    My weaker one i got now doesnt clock well dut the other is a pretty good performer with the Pro bios. I am thinking of the XT bios flash i.e. Core 380>412 & Mem 350>365 on this stronger card.

    I know the XT bios should be reversable if it goes wrong and can't see it doing any damage imediately if it does work. My main concern is the heat (votage?) that it would produce. Has anyone had a go? what did you find? I'm going to borrow a mates voltage meter soon to see what exactly the story is about the voltage/bios, XT included. If it doesnt work (which i'm thinking it doesnt) has anyone got any mods/guides to help it along? All i can find so far about 9800np to 9800XT bios flashing is at 3dmaxx but i dont see who it's stable if it dosent have all the extra resistors, capacitors, different core and knobly bits that it should! have to run at XT speeds.

    I really need to know for sure is what memory chips it has got before i go ahead - just to put my mind at rest. The card came with heatsinks already glued on the memory and i'm reluctant to pull them off atm. I will probably rip them all off if it does go to an XT tho. Is there a way to find out which memory it has via software?

    I only have the weaker card (dont like anything much past Pro's default clocks) here atm as my mate has the other for a few days but i did notice a very strange occurance that has now vanished. Heres a piccy of what happened:

    This only happend the first time i installed the offical/latest drivers and returned to normal once i rebooted. The second pic down occured once on a reboot soon after. It also happened when i put the Omega drivers on - again soon after. I have had it running/restarted lots since and it hasnt done it again, even if i change the drivers or power off.
    I can only suggest that it needed some kind of burn-in, as it runs everything fine now with not even the smallest of artifacts. I even tested it to the max recently at a 48hr Lan!

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