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Thread: Water cooling graphics cards

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    Water cooling graphics cards

    Hello good and knowledgeable peeps. Hopefully my first post here will not be too irritating

    I have a general query to make regards the lastest line of gfx cards and the ever more elaborate seeming cooling sloutions coming as standard on them, such as the FX5950U and 9800XTs. In the near future I plan to upgrade my card to one of these, or similar, and have a question.

    My cpu and current gfx card are both water cooled, but I have been noticing the way the newest cards tend to have massive heatsinks with directional fins that channel airflow across the RAM modules as well as just the gpu. Obviously I would want to replace the stock cooling system with my waterblock, as I have done for my current Ti4200, but my vague concern is this:

    Whilst the gpu itself will obvioulsy get a better cooling solution with the water block, will I not be leaving the RAM modules with less cooling than the manufaturers supply? And is this actually going to cause any problems? I would certainly be overclocking whatever card I bought, mainly because I enjoy doing that anyway. Does anyone have experience of removing those huge gpu/ram heatsinks to replace with a waterblock? Did anyone have problems, or is it worth doing at all? I would preferably not have an extra fan or two more than I need as I like the relative quietness of the watercooling.

    My Ti4200 had ramsinks which the fins of the cooler directed air over, but now the only direct airflow comes from the side mounted case fan. Still, it works fine, and clocks fairly well too. This is more of a "how concerned should I be" type post really.

    Any thoughts on this would be great.

    Thanks in advance


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    Just get some tweak monster BGA RAM sinks. Unless you go with a DDR-1 based card such as the 128mb 9800pro which doesn't even need them. Any DDR-II based card will need some form of ram cooling tho as they run a good deal hotter.

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