I already have the Akasa Vortexx Neo (was supposed to be used with my 3870 non-reference card, but it didn't fit). I am intending to buy a Powercolor 4830 and need to know if the cooler will fit that card. It is a non-reference design, but from the looks of the pics, it looks clear in front of and behind the GPU. I would post a link, but can't due to not posting more than 5 times first.

The reason for the 4830 is my need for a HDMI port built-in to the card. If anyone else knows of an ATI 4xxx card with built-in HDMI (without using a dongle) that works with the Akasa Vortexx Neo, can you also please let me know. I know there is another Powercolor card called the HD4850 Play! but again I'm not sure if it fits.


PS, I know there is someone called Howard - Akasa but I'm not sure if he is a representative of Akasa or not.