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Thread: Got NVIDIA card driver question ?

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    Question Got NVIDIA card driver question ?


    Just installled a NVIDIA 5900XT card and got a few question about the driver options

    I installed the latest drivers from the NVIDIA web site aswell, version 56.72.

    In the driver options i can see Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering settings, i know what they all do

    On a 5900XT card how big is the performance hit when running Anisotropic filtering @ 4x ?

    Theses another option "Image Settings" got three options,

    High Performace

    What do i loose or gain between them three options ?

    Another setting "Force mipmaps", this has three options,


    What setting is for best performace and whats for best quality ? also what do i loose or gain from the three options ?

    What is "Conformant texture clamp" ? got 2 options on or off, what does this do ?

    Two settings are greyed out, "Extension Limit and Hardware acceleration" should they be greyed out ?


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    I'm not sure how much the performance hit would be really, there probably is gonna be some, don't think alot though. AF is pretty pointless really unless your showing of your machine or taking snapshots because it details stuff in the middle to long distance and you don't really notice it in a heated ut 2003 deathmatch!
    Image settings refers to what your graphics look like (from what I remember as I got ATi cards now) on high performance setting your card will try its best to get the best graphics it can at the cost of performace, performance would be pretty good graphics and good playablility and quality (i presume) would be playablitiy at the sake of graphics (meaning it'll get you the best frame rates instead of the best textures. I'm not really sure about the rest, i'm sure one of the other friendly people from the Hexus forums will be able to answer the rest of your questions

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