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Thread: 19" CRT or 17/19" TFT Monitor

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    Question 19" CRT or 17/19" TFT Monitor

    Hi Guys,

    My 4 year old 17" AOC monitor is on its way out, and I'm not sure what to go for. I've got the 19" Hyundai Q995 which Aria have for £136, which looks good and all the reviews I've read have said its a v.good monitor for the money. Specs Here

    The other choice is a TFT which I think look much better, probably from Aria- their 17" are about £180 and around £260 for a 19". I know they're not as good for games, but how bad will these be? The Hyundai CRT will take up pretty much the same space since my monitor is dead in front of my on a big desk so desk space isn't an issue, although I'm guessing I wont be losing too much going for a 17" TFT compared to a 19" CRT in terms of viewable screen area?

    I'm mainly bothered about the quality of the image vs value - at about £50 more is it worth getting a smaller TFT or would I be better of getting a more reliable but slightly uglier CRT?

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    I'd go for a CRT every time. I've found Samsung SyncMasters to be very good quality/cheap CRT's. Nice crisp picture & good colours.

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    Lowest on the web have a view sonic 19 inch crt which Im currently thinking about. Its a shame scan dont have more of a wider range of monitors.

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    A wee while back I got a Samsung 959NF 19" CRT for just over £170 (inc delivered) from Bechtle - for the money it was excellent - big though.

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