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Thread: graphics card advice

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    graphics card advice

    Hi All,
    I am new here and i am looking for some advice on my set up as i am having a few problems. Firstly i have a Gigabyte GA N400 Pro2 m/b with a ADM 2200+ processor ,512mb ddr, gfx 5200 card. The problem i am having is that i think my graphics card is basicaly pants i play alot of wolfenstien and i am getting a microsoft visual runtime error +cc which there dont seem to be any resolve to ecept from reading a few boards thats say to use a ati card instead of nvidia. But i am not sure as my m/b kind of promotes nvidia would this be ok to do so and if so what would be the best card to go for with my type of set up and for around the 100 to 150 quid mark ? oh and this is my local store and this is what they have in stock which out these should i choose any help would be great

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    The ATI

    I would go with the ATI 9800 Pro, I wouldn't go with anything that is nvidia from that link that you showed me except the 6000 Series one, because the FX series has trouble rendering DX 9 in some games. Plus the 6000 series is out of your price range in that store. I am looking for an upgrade myself too.

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    That may be your local store but that doesn't mean that you have to buy there.
    But of those the 9800 Pro (& there shouldn't be a problem running an ATI card in an nForce mobo).

    If you are willing to buy online then you can get a Geforce 6600GT AGP for ~£150 which would be better than the 9800 Pro.

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    I'll second that, the 6600GT's are imo the best bang 4 buck cards you can buy at the mo.
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