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Thread: AMD-based laptop gaming...soon?

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    Angry AMD-based laptop gaming...soon?

    I am very angry about the current state of the notebook/laptop industry, Intel owns just about everything, and there is no such thing as standardazation........anyway........I've been looking into buying another laptop, and I want one for mobile gaming, I'm a bBIG Nividia fan, but no company in existance offers an AMD-based notebook with a pci-express based one run amuck everywhere, providing sub-par power and ungodly prices, I want an AMD-based laptop with a Nvidia 6800go GPU(the GDDR3 version), but it is nowhere to be found...please help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortalkombatman
    ...AMD-based notebook with a PCI-Express...
    There are loads...

    ...but only one company seems to be actively creating/promoting chipsets for this market (us with RADEON XPRESS )

    Sorry for the quality of this snap - but whilst touring the halls I came across a number great looking Turion designs with MOBILITY RADEON graphics - including this one from Arima...

    If I remember correctly, his one used an X700 in a design weighing only 2.5kg

    They also had a smaller one based on the RS480M chipset which includes X300 graphics as standard + a much larger beast with X800

    That should be enough for any hardcore AMD-based game loving
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    Quote Originally Posted by mortalkombatman
    providing sub-par power and ungodly prices
    I'm as anti-Intel as the next man, but there's no denying that the Pentium M is an excellent gaming processor. The 1.7GHz ones are pretty reasonably priced as far as I can see.

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    Turon 64 should make some interesting alternatives

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