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Thread: 6800GT and DVD Playback...

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    6800GT and DVD Playback...

    Not sure what forum this really belongs in, as it's both Hardware & Software..

    I may be a few months behind the original story, but what was the big upset with 6800 GFX cards and Hardware accelerated DVD decoding?

    I just downloaded NVidiaDVD trial, and with the "Hardware Acceleration" box ticked in the NVidia decoder config menus, I get pink blockies all over the DVD playback! This doesn't happen with Hardware Acceleration disabled, so what's that all about?

    All I'm after is a piece of DVD playing software, that will use my 6800 hardware capabilities, AND output 5.1 through a 5.1 soundcard, not just upmix or output through a SPDIF..

    Any help or pointers much appreciated as always,
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