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Thread: Nvidia down for the count?

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    Nvidia down for the count?

    Saw this on another site, not really surprised at this. Though it's good their other products (nforce3 etc will get more cash put into them).

    Some info too:

    In the press kit NVIDIA outlined their AMD 64-bit chipsets. As it stands they have a product to cater for the four main market segments (Enthusiast, Performance, Mainstream & Mobile). All up there is a total of five different nForce3 chipsets. There are two nForce3 chipsets designed to accommodate the enthusiast users, these are the nForce3 Pro 150 and nForce3 250Gb. The nForce3 250Gb supports two extra USB 2.0 connections along with X4 Serial ATA and both the Athlon 64 and 64 FX.

    The performance market segment is covered by three chipsets being the nForce3 250Gb which is also an enthusiast chipset. The other two are the nForce3 250 which lacks Athlon 64 FX support and the nForce3 150 which is even more basic again. Both the nForce3 250 and nForce3 150 are also designed to accommodate for the mainstream market as well. Finally the nForce3 Go150 is the mobile chipset designed to compete with the VIA K8N800 and Intel P4M.
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    what about us poor folks what does the mainstream got?!! = )

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    i think the nforce3 150 is mainstream.
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