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Thread: Are Dell going to bring out a new monitor range?

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    Are Dell going to bring out a new monitor range?

    I heard murmurings on another forum that Dell are likely to replace their current monitor range with more modern revisions that may use panels such as the 8ms AU Optronics PVA overdrive panel (found in monitors such as the Belinea 20" WS, Benq etc). Dell use a range of panels from different manufacturers eg. AUO, Samsung etc in their monitor range, so fitting a new AUO panel wouldn't be outside the realms of possibility.

    Dell are also having a 20% off sale at the moment, and it often seems to be the case with Dell that they reduce prices across the board prior to them bringing in a revised model range (particularly with regard to their laptops). The 2005FPW also doesn't seem to be available on their website anymore.

    Does anyone know if there's any truth in this? Or the likely timescale?
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    For widescreens? Yes the 2007 and 2407 are to be released with HDCP support and improved response times - I haven't read anything about the choice of panel though so not sure?

    They don't sound technically much more competent than the current offerings which is why I was very happy to get my 2405 now rather than waiting for the 07 - which will undoubtedly cost a lot more. Besides, my 7800GTX will not support Hi Def either so not much point in having a card monitor that does. I never watch movies on my PC

    As to release dates I read both March and May/June on another forum but they both seemed completely unsubstantiated (which probably begs the question why am I perpetuating the myths?).

    It actually wouldn't shock me if they just launched them with very little fanfare, given that the Dell Machine seems to be on overdrive at present, and if you saw them sooner rather than later though.

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