Hi guys. 1st post.

Been reading a few posts here about comparing cards but need some advice really for getting a graphics card for a new system im building for myself. Its been a while since I last upgraded and it only seems like yesterday I was happy gaming along with my 9800 pro Its going to go into this system when I eventually decide:

AMD Athlon Venice 64 either 3000 or 3200
Kingston 1GB 400 pc3200 DDR (possibly 2GB if i can stretch it)
Asus A8N - E nforce 4 ultra mobo
Seagate 300GB sata
17" or 19" TFT (depending on cost again)
Ebuyer 550w silent cooler PSU

Im trying to stick to a budget really but still trying to build a good gaming computer, mostly for 1st person shooters and MMO`s like WoW. And im stuck between these cards.

Connect3d x1800XT 256mb £167 + p&p or either
Gigabyte x1900 XT 512mb or Connect3d x1900 XT 512 mb both £250 + p&p

I was also looking at a 512mb version of the x1800 XT but the prices ive found are only around £40 cheaper than the x1900 XT so it didnt seem worth it.

I wouldnt say im a massive overclocker and im not really interested yet in Xfire or SLI.
So really its the card that will be best for my system and thats going to give me the best for my pounds. As ive been overseas for the last 6 months with only a little laptop, im not really sure what will wow me in terms of speed and quality and if the x1800 will do that but I am willing to pay the extra for the x1900 if it means getting the right card

Any suggestions would be great