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Thread: Foxconn Questions

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    Foxconn Questions

    Heya Guys,

    First off, thanks for taking the time to help out a hardware noob. Anyways, I've been looking at 8800 GTSes, the 640MB variants, and I've found that the Foxconn one, and it seems to be the best for the money, and the clocks. Now, I don't know much about Foxconn, and I've done a little research, and I've found they offer a three year warranty, but I don't know much besides that.

    First question: Has anyone heard anything bad/good about Foxconn?

    Second Question: Is this card a good buy?

    Third Question: Do you recommend buying an additional warranty from Newegg?

    I really appreciate this guys, and thanks once again!

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    All the 8800's at the moment are sticking with reference designs, ie they are all the same with different stickers. So it doesnt matter that its a foxconn.

    If its the cheapest then you may as well go for it. I dont know much about how good/bad foxconn service is, let someone else give their experiences.
    If its got a 3 year warranty there is not much point paying for the extended warranty as 3 years is pretty much the lifetime of the card before the next upgrade.

    If u do want a longer warranty its probably cheaper to buy one with a lifetime warranty than add a warranty separate. EVGA come with lifetime warranty and some BFG.

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