Hi everyone,

Just got a Commando MOBO but can't get any sound going. Granted I have Window's copy (just registered but waiting for code) so I can't D/L the required SP 1+2 packs which have the necessary HD Audio drivers.

Nest, tried on-board sound, but thye pins coming from front panel are much smaller than the receptacle and if I plug it in, whole system shuts down.

3d - went out and got a generic Diamond xtreme 5.1 sound card, but after I get 'found new hardware', comes 'hardware may be installed incorrectly'. I've tried all pci slots and disabled HD sound in bios.

Please somebody help me, I've just gotten Armed Assault after many months and many rip-offs, send-backs etc... Murphy's Law at every corner.

Now, all I need is sound...