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Thread: DVD-RW wierdness

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    DVD-RW wierdness

    I have a verbatim 4x DVD-RW. I have used it to burn files on several times, doing quickformat between burns. It has played fine on all the machines I have used it on.

    Recently I burnt some files onto it using my girlfriends laptop. I used nero express (6 I think) to do it. The files read fine on my system.

    Then the strangeness:

    Nero 6 on my machine, with my Plextor px-755 DVD burner, sees the DVD-RW as a DVD-ROM. And doesn't let me erase the disk.



    I am going to put it back in my gf's machine, and hopefully that will still see it as a RW, and let me erase it.

    But what has happened, and how do I stop it happening again?
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    Download ImgBurn ( and use this to erase you disc. Its free and has rescued me a few times in the past with problem DVD-RW discs.

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