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Thread: looking for vista drivers for sony handycam

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    looking for vista drivers for sony handycam

    I've been searching all day for vista drivers for my sony handcam. I really can't install it on this new laptop of mine, with the vd that was delivered with it.

    Can someone help me find the right drivers?
    I didn't find them on the sony website neether.
    My havdycam info:
    version is: dcr-trv270e
    (digital 8 handycam)

    Thanks alot!

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    According to other sites (via google) many people are having the same trouble as you.

    If you are able to connect via firewire, vista should find the camera, and install the driver from its own database.

    P.S. are they really sending out VD with their laptops, I've heard of computer virus's, but that's ....

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