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Thread: Home Networking Vista & XP

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    Home Networking Vista & XP

    I have two machines, one running XP (Home SP2) and one running Vista Home Premium (32bit) through an Orange Livebox. The Vista machine is hooked up to the Router with an Ethernet cable whilst the XP machine uses a USB Wireless adaptor.

    Basically I've setup a home network but the XP machine can't see the Vista PC. I can see the XP PC from the Vista machine fine but not the other way around. I also cannot share the printer which is hooked up to the Vista PC. I get the following error message:

    A provider, OffProv, has been registered in the WMI
    namespace, Root\MSAPPS, to use the LocalSystem account.

    Whenever I connect to the Vista from XP PC I get the username & Password login screen - there are no passwords set and hence I'm stuck. I've enabled sharing, etc on the Vista PC.

    I guess that this is a permissions thing but I can't think what to try and on which machine.


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    Put a password on the Vista pc, I had a similar problem with XP pc not showing another XP pcs files.

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    Until you get this sorted ...

    In the meantime - is it worth putting the printer on the XP machine. I'm sure it'll have crossed your mind if it was possible (but I've missed obvious things like that in the past!)

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