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Thread: ATI X1950 (Cat 7.5)/PowerDVD 7 --- Bad Quality MPEG2 Playback

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    ATI X1950 (Cat 7.5)/PowerDVD 7 --- Bad Quality MPEG2 Playback

    I have been having recent DVD playback issues with PowerDVD 7 and the Cat 7.5 drivers with my
    X1950Pro video card. The quality of the playback is terrible with ghosting, smearing and noise.

    I found some articles on the Internet saying that the denoise and edge enhancement features in ATI's latest drivers is causing the issue and that they only way to turn them off is to alter the registry. However I can't seem to find a solution for Windows XP, there seems to be lots of fixes for Vista.

    I have hardware acceleration (AVIVO) turned on in PowerDVD and all the video settings in CCC 7.5 are set at default.

    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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