hi folks, i've got a problem playing some of my games. i noticed this the other day when i tried to play medal of honour PA. i put the disk in and let it start, the menu appeared and i selected play but then a message appeared saying it couldn't find the disk, i thought this was a bit weird so i re-installed but it did the same, so i cracked it using a no-dvd crack and then it worked. now i've noticed this happning with a few other original games, whats happened???? is there some kind of bug? or is it a registry problem? i can't work it out!!!!. my dvd rom drive is assigned to D: , my dvd-rw drive is E: i also have 2 virtual drives. i have 2 hard drives C: which is the main drive with my operating system on it and the other drive is L: all my cracked games seem to work but the originals that i play using the disks have suddenly started causing me a headache, whats happened? i cant work it out. plz can someone shine some light on this problem. thanx