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Thread: Difference between the 7600gs and 7600gs!

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    Difference between the 7600gs and 7600gs!

    I'm looking for a passive gfx card and have found the 7600gs the best out there for my budget.

    I'm leaning towards the gigabyte 7600gs, but not sure weather to get the 256mb or the 512mb version.
    Would there be a considerable difference in terms of performance between the two cards?

    Only reason I ask is the 256mb is on offer @ 49£, whereas the 512mb is at 55£ but not currently in stock. (restock on the 30th).

    Shall I wait for he 512mb version to restock?

    I also ask, as I see the higher rated cards (7900gs/gt) @ 256mb as well, so I'm leading to believe the extra 256mb of ram can't really count for much if the higher spec cards use only 256.

    I've probably got it all wrong!!

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    Nope you're right it'll make no difference really, go for the 256MB model.

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