Hi all,

Got an Acer Aspire 5634WLMi laptop. Core2Duo T5600 + 2GB DDR2 RAM + Lite-on SSM-8515s DVD+RW/DL.

Whenever i try to burn on Nero 7, it always seems to go slow. Nero gives a predicted time for which the burn should complete. A full size DVD image @ 8x is stated to finish in around 8 minutes. It goes to 4% quite quickly but then hangs. The buffer level doesnt appear untill around 1.5minutes and then it finally starts to burn at 2minutes. Even so it still takes 12.5 minutes to complete the burn

I have updated the firmware on the drive, and have tried burning files via windows with similar results. Also installed Nero 7 on my desktop computer with a Pioneer DVR-112BK and that seems to work perfectly in that the stated time to complete burning is the actual time taken.

Perhaps not a major problem but im burning quite a few discs lately on my laptop and would prefer to get these times down somehow.

Thanks in advance