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Thread: Memory corruption

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    Question Memory corruption

    • Asus A8N32 SLi Deleux
    • X2 4400+ 393 2x1Mb
    • 2Gb Corsair Twinx CMX1024-3200C2
    • 7100GS PCIe gfx
    • Hyper power 450W PSU
    • 2 * 512Mb Winbond BH-5 (original) - used for testing

    Large scale memory corruption, after a year of solid operation this machine performed a couple of random crashes and then corrupted my windows install on bootup (required re-install). I have since bought a new PC so this is me trying to fix the old one.

    I have run memtest86 in various setups and they all produce errors
    - 13,000+ errors after 2mins with 2Gb in dual channel
    - 200+ errors after 10mins with 1Gb of corsair (various slots)
    - 25+ errors after 10mins with 512Mb of winbond
    - winbond in dual channel doesnt post

    I think that CPU memory controller is flakey but I am willing to try any reasonable solutions. Windows based solutions are going to be difficult due to windows needing a re-install and likely hood of corruption is high. I am trying to procure the use of another CPU/mobo to attempt to exclude any one part.

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    Re: Memory corruption

    Hi - just a thought - try another PSU, and if you're swapping DIMMs, remember that they ARE damaged by static if not handled using a wrist strap! Cleaning the contacts by rubbing on your shirt is a SURE FIRE way to cause long term reliability issues...

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    Re: Memory corruption

    Quote Originally Posted by the-hw-guy View Post
    if you're swapping DIMMs, remember that they ARE damaged by static if not handled using a wrist strap!
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    Re: Memory corruption

    If I found my self in your position, I would boot in to the BIOS and under-clock everything, the CPU (set it as slow as it will go in the BIOS), the RAM timings (again, slow the timings as far as possible) etc, then bench it again just to see what it does....

    If it benches without error, you can increase the speed of the CPU only, a bit at a time, and see if you still get errors, if you can get the CPU up to spec speed without errors, you can tighten the ram timings and see what happens...

    If you can't increase the CPU without errors, then tighten the RAM timings instead, you get the idea...

    Not sure if this will prove anything one way or the other, but in the absence of other hardware to test with, thats what I would try if I were you...

    It's not impossible that it's PSU related but with the absence of other errors, (specifically with the GPU as they are generally more power hungry than RAM) then I wouldn't consider it as 'most likely' and would look for other things first...

    Memory controller on CPU does seem plausible, although I have never in my life heard of such an error... Good luck with tracking it down, I'm curious to know what you find!

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