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Thread: Red pixels

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    Red pixels

    Hi there, i have searched the net for answers but cant find any explaination for a problem iv been having with my 32" plasma.
    It replaces all black pixels with really obvious red ones, i dont know what on earth has caused it but it really annoys me. Have had the tv since august and i dont have any warranty from my supplier and apparently the manufacturer.
    Is there anyone who knows of a way to get rid of this problem or eleviate it? Is it fixable?

    I would be SOOOO greatful for any help at all

    thanks a mill


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    Re: Red pixels

    All of the black with red?
    Maybe the cable connecting your source to your TV has come loose. Had a similar problem once, which was solved in 5s by making sure the cable was properly connected.

    And if you bought your TV new in august you do have a warranty. As you bought it in the EU, and it is an electrical good, you should have 2 years manufacturer. And you've probably got 6 months from supplier. Speak to them again!
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