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Thread: Noisy fans !!!!!!

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    Noisy fans !!!!!!

    Help. I have just bought a Philips MT3900 pc. It has an ECS 945P-M3 motherboard which Im led to beleive by another poster on here is the OEM version of the 945G-M3 Mobo. I updated the mobo with the latest BIOS for the 945G-M3 ,and all worked OK. Infact its alot more customiszable that the OEM Philips BIOS that was on there. Any way the problem I have is the CPU fan now spins at 5000rpm constantly and CPU temp is only < 30 Celcius. It makes a hell of a noise and is very distracting. There are no fan speed option in the BIOS only tells you what speed the fan is running at.

    Anybody have any ideas...Please and tx in advance.

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    Re: Noisy fans !!!!!!

    The best option would be speedfan: SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer so long as it works on your board then you should be able to control fan speeds from within that.

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    Re: Noisy fans !!!!!!

    hello gyus i need the drivers of the motherboard..especially dor the ethernet

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