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Thread: X-clio Case LED light connection

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    X-clio Case LED light connection

    Hi to all i have just built a new system using Gigabyte mobo and a x-clio case, the case hase led temp on the front, there is a few wires that i cant seem to sort out
    1, there is a molex type 2pin connector(same as mobo fan connector) with a red and black wire connected it seems to go to the led temp sensor on case so i can assume this is the power for it, question ? i do not have any 2pin conectors on the mobo.
    2, there is also a connector block similar to a usb mobo conector this is connected to 3 led lights on case front, Question i do not have a similar pin format on mobo,
    The only answer i can think of is to cut all wires and connect the lives together and all gnds together and join to a 4 pin molex adapter, what do ya think anyone had this before. thanks Alan.

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    Re: X-clio Case LED light connection

    The connectors for front panel LEDs are usually in a block of pins, usually 10 or 12 - and will be identified in the mobo manual. The various LEDs and switches use two or three pin plugs which connect to those pins in various orientations - they are usually marked with the function (eg pwr, hdd for power and hard drive). The mobo manual will explain the pins to connect it to and the orientation. You should NOT need to cut the connectors off!

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    Re: X-clio Case LED light connection

    Sorry i dont think i made myself clear, the system is working fine hdd, reset,power on, etc are all conected the ones i am talking about are extra led's on the front panel and are supposed to look like bolts of lightning sorted them out anyway just need to know voltage of the led's.

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