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Thread: Hard drive installation

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    Hard drive installation

    Hi all,

    I have searched the threads because i know the info is there.... i just can't find it, so here is a problem that has been dealt with probably many times before.

    Hard drive installation!

    I have a laptop on vista with a 60 gig hd to which i want to add an ext usb Hitachi 120gb with its own PS.(had problems posted before on this but vendor assures me problem was because i installed unecessary software)

    I also have a desktop on XP SP2 with an 80gb hd to which i want to add an internal seagate 40gb hd

    The problem is identical with both.

    I installed the drives as per instruction using correct jumper positions and ide connections where necessary and in both cases the drives; show on device manager and show in hardware tab when C drive is right clicked and properties selected.
    The drives also show "New hardware found" when first connected/powered.

    All seems well to that point but the drives do not show in "My Computer" and where they do show no options are available to further their installation.

    I downloaded some free partition software (that claims to be able to install disks) but again althoough they found the drives they offered no options to cure the problem.

    Any advice. I have read that windows admin tools have the necessary for installation of disks but i cant find it/them.

    Or do i have to just fork out for partition software and if so whats best and gauranteed to work.

    I did somehow manage to get the two drives showing in "My Computer" on the desktop but the new one dissappeared after using recovery console.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: Hard drive installation

    go to control panel then administrative tools then computer management then storage then disk managment then format the new drive

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    Re: Hard drive installation

    or right click my computer>manage, then go to disk management and right click on the new drive and format.
    Pretty much the same as above but i find it a lot quicker

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    Re: Hard drive installation

    Thanks people. simplicity when you know how.
    You wouldn't want to know how many people who apparently know a lot about computers couldn't answer this one. Even the fella i bought it off suggested buying software. Then again he would wouldn't he.

    Thanks again, both drives working great. This forum is worth its weight in gold to us amatuers.

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