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Thread: Aw9d max ram problem

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    Aw9d max ram problem

    hello i have a abit aw9d max motherboard with E6600 Core 2 Duo intel processor 2.40 GHZ a GEFORCE 8800 GTX. till this day i have had 2x 1GB DDR2 ram but i bought another 1x 2GB but when i inserted it and my Vista Ultimate booted after a few seconds a blue screen appeared saying i have hardware problems and it dumps memory and the computer reboots i removed the other 2x 1gb rams and it works fine with just the 1x 2GB ram but when i put in just one of the other 1GB it gives me the same error... also if i put both 1GB rams and remove the 2GB ram it will work fine it's like they can't seem to work together i updated my bios to the latest version it still gives me the same error... i installed xp it seems to go for 15-20 minutes and it dumps memory saying i have hardware problems...
    This is the error that it gave me on VISTA:
    img232 [dot] imageshack [dot] us/img232/5105/dsc00780tp8.jpg
    On XP it sayd that some irlq thing is less or equal to somthing else i can't seem to read it becouse it happens too fast in like half a second.
    Also my ATX is:cooler master real power m520
    i even followed my manual to what order to put in the rams
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