Hello friends,

need ur help again:

Note: i want to bring down my desktop temp.
current idle:
mobo: 41C
cpu: 44C
gpu: 58C

full load:
mobo 45C
cpu: 58C
gpu: 82C

Mobo Asus P5Q
CPU Intel Q6600 G0
GPU XFX 8800GT 512MB
RAM Transcend DDR2 800 240P 2GB

1- i want to buy Thermalright ultra 120 extreme (u guys think if it ok and will work with my CPU) (my cpu is Intel Q6600 G0)

2- what will be the best and 100% compatiable thermalright cooler for my GPU (u think HR-03 GT will work 100% and will be compatiable for my display card) (my GPU is: XFX 8800GT 512MB)

3- do i need to buy RAM cooler from thermalright. (my RAM is without heatsink) so, if i need to buy then what should i get from thermalright. (my RAM is transcend ddr2 800 240p 2GB)

thanks in advance and sure u guys will help me again.

my next step will be OC'ing after bringing down my desktop temp.