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Thread: Mouse pointer not moving

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    Mike Fishcake

    Mouse pointer not moving

    OK, need some help for a problem I'm having at work.


    I set up a Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop PC with Windows XP Pro (SP3), got the system as I wanted it, then use Zenworks to create an image of it. The image downloaded and installed fine on three other identical machines (all from the same batch). When I tested them, everything worked as it should do.

    When the users turned them on, three of the four had no response from the mouse. The pointer is on the screen but not moving. I brought one back down to my desk, and tried it with the original mouse I set it up with. The mouse is OK, the PC hardware is ok (tested a boot CD) and when I plug it into a different USB port it works fine for about 3 seconds then stops moving again. I've tried reinstalling the "USB Human Interface Drivers" in Device Manager, tried removing the drivers and rebooting, nothing.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Mouse pointer not moving


    I would suggest trying to see if you can get the most up to date drivers for the mice on the optiplexes. Especially if they use USB.

    I take it the one that works is the one that you used to image and the 3 that dont work are newly imaged systems. It may be worthwhile checking that everything imaged properly. Also try different mice models. Do you have any PS/2 Mice?

    Check some other kind of USB peripheral as this would identify if the usb sockets are at fault or if it is the mice that the users are using.

    These are good first steps if this is the case. Also check the error logs, these can be quite useful.

    Good Luck

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