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Thread: Windows black screen on boot

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    Windows black screen on boot

    Here are my specs
    asus 4870
    samsung 226bw
    4gig mushkin ram
    antec 850
    windows xp

    So I installed the driver off Asus' website for my card. When I reboot sometimes I get a blank screen after the blue welcome screen in windows, and it will just stay blank my monitor not being able to detect digital/analog. I used to reinstall XP everytime that happened, but then I rebooted like 8 times and it finally worked. I don't know if it's a ram issue or a driver issue, anyways is there an updated driver or something I should be using?

    I just installed the latest catlyst drivers, and I rebooted and I got the blank screen after the screen that says loading Windows XP, with the copyright on the bottom left. I had to reboot in safe mode, and uninstall the Catalyst drivers. So I am pretty sure this is driver related.
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    Re: Windows black screen on boot

    download an alternative driver and the driver clean up tool from ATI. clean up this driver and install the previous release.

    post back your findings.

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