I'm having a Crysis (pun intended).

I've just bought an ASUS GTX280 from Scan & can't get the 64 bit version of Crysis to run in DirectX 10 mode.

Crysis 32 bit will use DirectX 10 so it lets me select the very high settings, but the 64 bit version runs in Directx 9 mode so the Very High settings are greyed out.

The console command "r_DisplayInfo 1" clearly states whether DX9 or DX10 is being used, so there is no doubt which Direct X is being used.

Vista Ultimate 64 bit + SP1, 8GB RAM, Intel Q9550, a couple of Raptors, ASUS GTX280, nVidia Drivers 180.48 WHQL (also tried the V177.42 ones that came with the card), Creative XFi Gamer.

Does anyone know why the 32 bit version of Crysis will use DX10 but the 64 bit version won't?

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the 64 bit savegames to load into the 32 bit version? I can see the savegames but the wrong game save appears when 64 bit saves are loaded into a 32 bit game.

Any help would be very much appreciated