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Thread: CCTV DVR hard drive

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    CCTV DVR hard drive

    I have a Q-SEE 16 Channel DVR: QSD2316C8-500
    It comes with a 500 gb hard drive and I tried to install an extra 500 gb hard drive but the DVR did not seem to recognize the new drive. The drive I am adding is: Western Digital 500GB Greenpower Serial ATA/300 16MB Buffer Retail Boxed Hard Drive - WD5000C.SRTL.
    I have tried plugging the power into different sources and made sure that the drive was functioning. How can I get this new drive to work? Thanks.

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    Re: CCTV DVR hard drive

    Welcome to Hexus!

    Are there any tools in the device menu for formatting or initialising the new drive?

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