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Thread: Mesh computer recovery

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    Mesh computer recovery

    Hi! there this is my first time on the forum and I don't know if i am posting this in the correct place, I am having to reboot my pc using the mesh recovery disc and part way through the recovery it asks for the drivers to be loaded. I found out after reading a thread on here that the drivers should have been copied from the hard drive, unfortunately that opportunity has now gone. I have contacted the mesh help desk and the keep insisting on sending me an email with an attachment which cant be opened, no matter how many times i have told them it wont open they insist it will. Can anyone help me find these drivers or tell me where i can find them as i am begining to lose my sanity. If it is any help the mother board is P5B-TMX-GB-SI.


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    Re: Mesh computer recovery

    Post up on their forums, you should get much more help there.

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    Re: Mesh computer recovery

    Hi! Shadowmaster thanks for that will do.

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