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Thread: Asus P5K sound device dead ?

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    Asus P5K sound device dead ?


    I have a system with Asus P5K motherboard for a few years now and recently after installing windows 7 and using it for a few weeks, my on board sound has suddenly gone.
    Switching to windows XP makes no difference and I have also tried resetting the BIOS and unplugging the case sound connectors with no results.
    The odd thing is that there is no red or yellow marked sound device in Device Manager, in both XP and Windows 7 and volume icon is available (with a red cross on it) in the task bar.

    Is the sound card on the motherboard dead ?


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      • LG 22"
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    Re: Asus P5K sound device dead ?

    its hard to say but when you switch to xp is it a clean install? maybe try a clean install and see what happens

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    Re: Asus P5K sound device dead ?

    Yes it was a fresh install of XP. It's very odd, there is no sound device available in device manager.
    Disabling the sound device in BIOS only removes the Microsoft UUA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio and enabling it brings UUA Driver only back and no sound device.

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