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Thread: Bootcamp Drive Partition Problem

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    Bootcamp Drive Partition Problem

    Hi there, I have a Mac Pro and some time ago I installed bootcamp and partitioned my drive as I wanted to run windows on it. Something went wrong and windows wasn't properly installed though. This is not the real problem as now I can't be bothered anymore (I'd wanted to play a specific PC game on the computer).

    Now however, because of my attempt to install bootcamp, restarting my computer has become a nightmare. If it's switched off or restarted it doesn't automatically start up the mac operating system, but goes to a grey screen for about ten seconds and then a black screen with "disk error: press any key to restart" (which doesn't work and the computer simply has to be manually restarted).

    I'm aware that you're meant to hit 'option/alt' when it's on the grey screen but this never works predictably and sometimes it's 15 or more restarts before I'm finally successful hitting that alt button to make it then bring up a choice for windows or mac.

    My question is - is there a way to reverse this process so my computer just starts up normally again and I don't have to sit around for hours insanely bashing the alt button in a desperate attempt to get my computer back after it's restarted?

    Many many thanks

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    Re: Bootcamp Drive Partition Problem

    From memory I am sure when this happened on the mac mini at work once into OSX run the bootcamp utility again and it should allow you the option of deleting it, or you could go through installing the windows partition again through bootcamp.

    I am pretty sure to in the system preferences you can tell bootcamp which one to boot up by default so you would select OSX in this section

    Hard to say for sure with the options as I don't have OSX in front of me atm.

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    Re: Bootcamp Drive Partition Problem

    When starting you're supposed to hold the alt button until the grey screen appears, maybe thats why it didn't work you were probably just pressing it.

    If you can't delete the partition in Bootcamp assistant the delete the Windowws partition in disk utility.

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