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Thread: Possible CPU Problem

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    Possible CPU Problem

    I have just built a PC two weeks ago. When building it, some of the CPU pins got bent. I straightened them and continued building the PC. Once I was done, I checked and saw that the computer powered up just fine but the BIOS would not open up. Thinking it was a CPU problem, I opened up the PC, removed the CPU and straightened a pin that I saw was still crooked. This seemed to fix the problem.

    Right now, I was playing a game and suddenly the computer crashed into a Blue Screen of Death. It restarted itself but froze on the BIOS startup. I shut it off manually and restarted several times. The BIOS would not boot up, just as it was when the CPU had the bent pin.

    I waited ten minutes and tried again and the computer booted to Windows just fine but BSOD'ed again a couple of minutes later.

    Is this a cpu problem? Can I still return it to AMD or the retailer?

    EDIT: the BSOD said it was a " BAD_POOL_HEADER" that caused the problem. This appears to be a driver issue, but can it explain the fact that the BIOS wouldnt boot up?

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    Re: Possible CPU Problem

    Did you buy it at Scan and take out their Installation Insurance?

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