Been pulling my hair out over this one for a while now. I got hold of a 3ware 7506-8 RAID card which I am using with 400GB of storage. I made the mistake of doing two hardware upgrades at once and replaced the stock HSF on my MSI GeForce Ti4200 64MB graphics card with a Zalman passive one. I then started to get lockups, often when doing graphically intensive operations like rendering a web page. 3D graphics were also corrupt, although 2D was fine.

At first I assumed it was the new Zalman heatsink, but the card has been running stable for days at a time in my brothers machine (Eve Online addict). Just to be sure, when I put it back in my machine I had a desk fan pointed at it, but it didn't help. A GeForce MX440 is working fine in the system right now using the same drivers as the Ti. I updated everything (firmware, drivers, BIOS, Windows 2000) etc but to no avail. I also removed every bit of hardware except the motherboard (MSI KT3 Ultra ARU), and tried a different PSU. Re-installed Windows 2000 as well. No luck.

Removing either the RAID card or the Ti fixes things. Anyone had this problem too? I can't find any info at all anywhere on the web or newsgroups. Even if I can't get the Ti to work, I might get an FX or Radeon but would kinda like to know if it will work first...