I have 3 issues that i need help with.
My setup is
Gigabyte SKT-FM1 A75-UD4H Motherboard (Rev 1.0)
AMD 3670k

Issue 1 is it woks fine when connected though hdmi to my 42 inch TV but when i change it to my Dell monitor through DVI it loads the desktop then the display goes off and i cant see anything, the bios screen also never shows up. Im pretty sure its a display selection thing so do i have to change inputs before i swap displays and whats setting do i use they are both 1080p displays only ones a TV.

Issue 2 is when at stock speeds or with a overclocked multiplier it fails prime95 in seconds all the temps are low apart from one that shows on speedfan as 95c with a flame next to it, i dont know what its sensing because it doesnt say id assumed it was the northbrige but the funnything is when i overclock it via fsb or what its called on AMD its solid. This leads me to believe its being undervolted somewhere and when the auto overclock is used its always heavy on voltage so that corrects the issue so i wonder if its not getting enough voltage on auto.

Issue 3 which i experienced the exact same issue with a biostar board that i had before, before sending it back, tempretures are all over the place from 4c and up but never upto dangerous levels one minute in reads 4c then 29c.

These issues are driving me mad i havent built a AMD rig since socket 939 they have all been intel including my main rig so its a steap learning curve.

Can someone help.