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Thread: What happened to my CD?

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    What happened to my CD?

    Ok, so I got this CD that I burned a few years ago and I thought I'd stick one of those white labels on it so I could print something nice on it to make it look good and also remind me what it actually was. So I begin sticking and for some reason it wouldn't stay on. The surface of the CD was pealing with the sticker and the actual foily bit came off. So now I have a clear CD with nothing on it. What I want to know is waht happened to my CD? Is it just old or poor quailty?
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    AFAIK the actual information on a CD is stored on a layer with several layers of protection on it. If the label on the topside was able to rip through the top layers to the writable layer, then they are piss poor quality.

    I've never had that happen before.

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