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Thread: Getting SATA to work

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    Getting SATA to work

    I have finished building a system using a Asus AV8 Mobo with a Hitchi SATA Hdd. I gather you have to use a floppy containing the Sata drivers when prompted to press F6 when loading Windows. Which drivers should I use? Hitachi's own or the one off the Asus cd? Any help would be appreciated because I'm stuck Thanks.

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    The ones off the Asus CD on a floppy (you cannot supply them on CD). Make sure you use the right ones though - I believe you have both Via and Promise SATA on that board,

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    I have tried the promice ones when it asks me to insert a floppy with the device drivers or diagnostic tools it goes to please wait for for a few seconds and then goes back to the same screen. I have checked all my connections what am I doing wrong? Plus should the drive show up on the main bios screen in the primary Ide master line? It shows up on the post screen it also says fasttrack controller not found bios not installed.
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    the f6 screen is for loading up additional drivers. when you've loaded up as many drivers as you want (yes, you can load both promise AND via if you want to), hit the appropriate key to continue booting the installer - it'll then work fine.

    you don't get any "tadaa" message for picking a driver in that screen, it just does it.

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