Hi there all, my drive is getting uber chuggy with me, a 120 gig, 7200.7, Seagate drive. Figured I would zero fill, done lots of them in the past, but never on this drive. Dowloaded "seatools", but when I boot from the cd (or floppy), it doesnt see my drive. I think this is because it can not find my SATA channel. Ive got an ABIT IS7 board, and the SATA channel seems to piggy back of an IDE channel. Any one had similar problems? Or am I going in the wrong direction? Bit dissapointed in the performance of this drive, its only about 8 months old, and it really does chug, did a fresh install about 2 weeks ago, and already the performance has degraded. I always have problems with drives Maybe next time I'll go Ultra SCSI