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Thread: Restoring Nero DVD Backup

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    Restoring Nero DVD Backup

    I just finished backing up a ton of files using Nero's BackItUp. Before I wipe the files off the hard disk, I want to make sure the backup works, however I cannot figure out how to restore files from the back up.

    The back up spanned 12 DVDs, and supposedly to restore files I should be able to insert the last DVD which contains a .nbi file that nero uses to get the information it needs about my backup. All the DVDs however appear empty when I insert them. They have definately been burned. Disc Info shows 1 track on each DVD. The size of the track makes sense (takes all the space on each disc except the last which is only about 2GB). Each disc shows that it is ISO 9660 which I'm told is standard (multi-session discs show up as something else).

    I just cant see any files on any of the DVD's. Burning a single regular Data DVD works fine. Anyone run accross this before?

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    Surely you just use the 'Restore Backup' option of the Nero BackItUp program? This sets off the 'Restore Wizard', which then prompts you to 'Select backup information file', which is what you have on the first (or last) DVD in your backup set. Have you tried this yet?

    I've used this program a lot and never had a problem, but then I've never spanned more than one DVD.

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