hi all,

basically i just got my room setup so i can plug my gfx cards tv out into my tv for watching films in full screen. the card is a MSI Geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb. i can see my desktop fine etc on the tv, and ive got nview setup to go full screen on video on the second display (the tv) but when i open a video file the tv screen switches to full screen, then flickers, as if the resolution is wrong... the interesting thing is, through messing about it all works fine if i set the output as NTSC in nview, apart from it (obviously) being in black and white. ive had this all working before using this card, cable and TV (granted the card was in a diff machine but still...) im kinda stumped now

currently using the latest dets (60.71?) and windows XP Professional.

thanks in advance,