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Thread: Failed to play tone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kYza View Post
    Ok thanks for the help guys much obliged (Y)

    so i managed to fix it heres what i did.

    right click the audio tray icon -> playback devices
    right click hdmi audio -> properties
    under the general tab click properties -> driver -> uninstall
    check the box to uninstall software/delete driver software and click okay

    Go into the device manager and click the scan for hardware changes button."

    I did this 3-4 times to delete all the past AMD HDMI Audio drivers and it reverted back to the generic Microsoft one and voila audio works fine now
    Hi, I was having this issue as well and this seemed to be the key BUT I was still having 1 small problem.
    Once I'd done the last step the device appeared again under a different name and seemed to work perfectly (test tone played as it should),
    however, only moments later, it disappeared from the list and re-appeared once again with the AMD driver and the error began all over again.
    after a while i realised that rather than uninstalling the driver I'd try the "roll back driver" option.
    this worked for me, pushing the device to work fully and now I can watch all of Netflix with friends.
    (the final step of scanning for hardware changes wasn't required at all using this method.)
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