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    I am getting some conflicting stories about this so I though I would ask you guys and see what you think. I am getting a new rigg next week 3.2 ghrtz, 1 gig ddr2 ram and I am getting a 6800 gt 256mb. I want to run 2 monitors. Would it be best if I ran both off of the 6800 or use my old fx 5200 128mb to run one of them. Some people I have talked to say only run the 1 card and others say run both because the more video ram the better? Also, if I do run both do you think I will need more the a 350W power supply? Thanks.

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    You should have no probs running them off one card - that's what i'd do. If it's a good quality 350w psu you *should* be ok also - 350w is the minimum recommended i think.

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