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Thread: Opend a port through window's firewall, now have pop-up's here and there...

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    Unhappy Opend a port through window's firewall, now have pop-up's here and there...

    Hey guys, anyways, I was playing a game called Morrowind which I'm pretty sure everyone here knows what tha game is. Anyways I was bored and I wanted to try this whole "multiplayer" for morrowind. Well I looked it up and there was this one web site that gave me a couple programs telling me to do a couple things to make online morrowind work for a friend and myself. Well after a while I just didnt care anymore and during the process of TRYING to get it to work one program told me I had to open a port on my computer. It gave me this certain number which I had to do it and I did it. Now from time to time when i'm like connecting to stuff, it brings a pop up or two. I tryed to changed windows firewall back to default but that still didn't do anything. Now i'm trying to figure out how to turn that port off but now theres no way I can in my configuration . What's going on? I also had done spybot and adaware cleans yet still gives me pop ups, also I had looked into my change or remove programs list and nothing there was out of the ordinary. Now here's the website that told me to download this certain stuff...

    And this is the part of that page that told me to open up the port...

    The port number it told me to open was 6112

    I hope my information helps to solve my problem. Any more information needed please ask.

    Thankyou for your help!

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    Try turning off DCOM see if the pop-ups cease...

    Expand component services, expand computers, right click my properties tab and uncheck enable distributed COM on this computer.
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