Hey everyone,

(i dunno whether i have put this in the right area!)

I need some help, i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to tell me what software galaxy cards use, and if it has its own overclocking tool?

I am interested as i have a gainward 6800le and i would like to try the bios of the galaxy card, i am fully aware of what could happen but i want to test out the bios etc to see if the card functions fully / properly! - as i am sure you are all too aware of the problems with the gainward 6800le.

Anyway if anyone would be kind enough to make a copy of the driver cd that came with the galaxy card so i can look at the different programs that may be required and so i can test them out etc. I would pay all the costs!

Also does anyone know the website (address) for the Galaxy company so i can have a look at their specs in more detail.

Hope this is all ok, and i thank everyone for taking the time to read this and help me.

Cheers Ian

PS: reason for asking is that my 6800le uses 2.2ns RAM like the galaxy however the gainward bios only accounts for 2.8ns memory.